a space opera zine

a space opera zine

a space opera zinea space opera zinea space opera zine

No News, No Politics, No Stances - Just you and your cosmos


Planetary Problems is a space opera zine that brings science, creativity and expansive thought to your doorstep, and we need your support to continue making this zine a reality. Without news, politics, or stances - we give you a content-driven zine to remind you that we are living on Planet Earth in the Milky Way Galaxy and suspended circling the dopest star in the universe. Most importantly, we (you!) are the consciousness of the cosmos; our collective existence is the space opera. 

We are the space opera.

We are 100% crowd-funded so that we can offer a no-advertisement collection of science, art, and expansive thought. 

So, we need your contribution. Please donate ! 

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Planetary Problems Transmission II

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